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POCT Overview

Point-of-CareTesting (POCT) is a method of testing that is conducted at the sampling site, using a portable analytical instrument and accompanying reagents to obtain rapid results.

POCT features

*  Analysis is carried out immediately at the sampling site, eliminating the need for complicated processing procedures when the specimen is tested in the laboratory;

*  Get test results quickly;

*  High real-time detection, low comprehensive cost, and no dependence on professional equipment.

Industry Status

*  PCR is still dominant in the rapid test market

*  POCT without the need for central laboratory equipment and reagents is the better route to market.

*  NGS: high throughput, high cost, long lead time (2 days), significant threat to ethics and patient data security.

*  CVD drugs require PGx to improve treatment outcomes, and labs in clinics and pharmacies lack the facilities and skilled technicians to test effectively.